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There are several ways of searching for Japanese partner(s)/counterpart(s) in each CRG, etc.

  1. Use English bibliographic databases

    MEDLINE, EMBASE, LCMARC, JICST-E, etc. contain papers written by Japanese authors. To search/find Japanese in each topic, limit search to: (1) authorŐs institution in Japan, or (2) language used is Japanese.

  2. Use personnel databases of Japanese researchers

    There are two --

    1. RES (Directory of Japanese Researchers) developed by NACSIS (National Center for Science Information System) available through the NACSIS-IR (NACSIS Information Retrieval Services). This directory contains a list of about 120,000 individuals mainly in universities in all science fields in Japan with descriptions of their research subjects, papers, etc. You may need an ID number and accounting system before you can make full use of this. Please contact NACSIS directly (User Support Section II).

    2. "Researchers' Directory" developed by JRDC (Research Development Corporation of Japan). This directory contains a list of about 4,700 individuals in national research institutes.

  3. Use the "JAPANESE WANTED" system in the NIFTY-Serve (Japanese counterpart of COMPU-Serve)

    A special discussion group for Cochrane Collaboration opened since 27 October 1995 in the FDRUG (Forum for Drug) of the NIFTYSERVE. You may send a short message to Dr. K.Tsutani ( ), Chairman of JANCOC, who will forward the message to the "JAPANESE-WANTED" discussion group of FDRUG. Interested Japanese experts/institutions will respond to your message directly.

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